Social Media to expand awareness of your company.

Social Media is becoming and ever important part of digital marketing. There is little point of having a website if you have no way of telling customers where it is. As part of the setup fee, I will also set you up with social media accounts. Alternatively, if you have them already, I can edit them to match the design of your site. In addition to this, I will also look to list your details on various directory sites. This will give a greater visibility to your site and improve your google rankings.

Social Media Sites

For the most part I will set up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I can add Instagram and YouTube if this is relevant to your business. There are many more sites that are possibilities for you. DeviantArt, Tumblr or Pinterest are good sites for anything creative. Goodreads or weRead for books. Soundcloud or Buzznet for music. Foursquare and TripAdvisor are great for hospitality.

I do not manage these pages once they have been created. I am a one-person business and do not currently have the time to manage content on this scale. Instead, I help you to be able to produce and publish content yourself. You do not need to post something daily to get your business noticed. Sometimes, photos and descriptions of work you have produced will suffice. At present, I am starting to produce small graphic guides to enable businesses to take control of their own digital marketing. I also share other peoples work that I think may be of interest.

One issue may be the amount of time it could take to post these updates to your various sites. I use a system called Buffer to take the hard work out of this. I simply set up the account I want it to post to and the times I want to post. Then I submit a post once and Buffer posts it across all my social media sites. There is a free option that allows you to connect 3 sites and submit 10 posts at a time. Buffer then posts these to your posting schedule.


Another area I look at are the directories. There are hundreds of these around, so I look for directories relevant to your business. Sometimes it is preferential to use local directories as opposed to national ones. I will also look for directories specific to your business. If your business has been running for a while you will probably already have listings. I claim these listings for you and make sure they are up to date. Managing all of these sites will lead to a hefty amount of emails coming in. From experience, I have found it better to set up a marketing email address through gmail to manage them. With a separate email you don’t run the risk of losing customer requests in the mountain of marketing mail. As with everything I do, you retain control of the emails and accounts.

If you want to discuss your needs further, please fill in the form below, email or call 07730615279